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About the course

Hear from Zapata Computing’s scientists, engineers and leadership about the challenges and opportunities in quantum computing and how your enterprise can become quantum-ready. You’ll explore questions such as, “What problems can my organization solve in the near-term and long-term with quantum?” and “How can we build capabilities now while remaining flexible?” In this self-guided course, Zapata answers these questions from scientific, engineering and business perspectives.

This course will improve your ability to discuss quantum computing concepts and opportunities throughout your organization and put you on a path to achieving competitive advantage with
quantum computing. The content is divided into multiple modules which may be completed at your own pace over 5-6 hours.

Learning objectives

  • After a quick introduction to Zapata Computing, the course modules offer an overview of quantum physics concepts.
  • We continue with discussions of practical computational applications where quantum advantage may be realized in the near-term and long-term. Specifically, learners will benefit from a discussion of practical, industrial quantum use cases that leverage proprietary advances developed by Zapata scientists.
  • You will learn how your organization could roadmap its journey to quantum advantage, beginning with steps that can be implemented today.
  • We will demonstrate Orquestra®, our platform for building and deploying quantum-enabled workflows® using a full range of quantum software and hardware.

What Skills you will learn

  • Improve your ability to discuss quantum computing concepts within your organization
  • Understand potential applications through real case studies and use cases
  • Learn how to build quantum solutions to create commercial impact in the near-term

Zapata Computing may also be engaged for hands-on consultation and training for you and your team on Orquestra, our unified software platform.

Course Prerequisites

There are no specific prerequisites, as the introductory modules are presented for a general audience that is familiar with some of the typical computational challenges in the enterprise today. However, students will benefit from a basic understanding of concepts such as vectors and linear algebra. 


The estimated duration to complete this course is approximately 3 weeks (~2hrs/week).

Course assessment

To complete the course and earn the certification, you must pass all the quizzes at the end of each lesson by scoring 80% or more on each of them.

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Course Content


About the Instructors

Zapata Computing, Inc. builds quantum-ready applications for enterprises on Orquestra, the only computational workflow platform for quantum computing. Orquestra integrates best-in-class classical and quantum technology, including Zapata’s leading-edge algorithms, open-source libraries in Python, and more. Zapata has pioneered new quantum-classical methods in ML, optimization and simulation to maximize value from near-term quantum devices, and partners closely with hardware providers across the quantum ecosystem such as Amazon, D-Wave, Google, Quantinuum, IBM, IonQ and Rigetti.