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How Does it Work

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Introduction to Quantitative and Computational Finance

“Introduction to Quantitative and Computational Finance” provides a basis to step into the world of Quantum Computing for Finance. This introductory course will develop fundamental concepts required for an understanding of quantum algorithms and more advanced topics in computational finance.

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Quantum Algorithms for Computational Finance

“Quantum Algorithms for Computational Finance” is an advanced course in the emerging field of quantum computing for finance. This technical course will develop an understanding in quantum algorithms for its implementation on quantum computers.

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Quantum for Everyone

A second quantum revolution with far reaching applications is unfolding. This non-technical course will teach you how to navigate the rise of quantum technologies and its applications across industries. Whether you want to know what’s behind the buzzwords or whether you want to perhaps use quantum technologies yourself either in a personal context or in a corporation or other organisation, this course will teach you how.

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