Commercialising Quantum 2022

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Commercialising Quantum 2022

17 May, 2022 - 19 May, 2022

From qubits to profits: achieving near-term quantum advantage

Quantum is coming sooner than you think. The potential for quantum to transform business is so great, with the technology advancing so rapidly, that every business leader must prepare for its impact. Companies and investors are already hunting for a “quantum advantage”—a way in which even today’s error-prone unstable machines might have an impact on their bottom lines. Within two to three years, advances dreamed up by quantum scientists could yield real-world applications, with the finance industry likely to be an early adopter.

This inaugural event will provide an understanding of how the technology will work, the kinds of problems it could help solve, and how leaders may harness its potential and identify investments that offer the best business outcomes for the future. This event aims to set a clear, balanced and hype-free agenda of what is real, what is not and what can be done to gain a quantum advantage.