Frontiers of Nanomechanical Systems FNS 2023

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Frontiers of Nanomechanical Systems FNS 2023

6 June - 9 June

Frontiers of Nanomechanical Systems (FNS) is a workshop series with the purpose to bring together the international community engaged in fundamental research on vibrations of nano- and micro- electromechanical systems (NEMS & MEMS). The workshop intends to promote the cross-fertilization of ideas and stimulate international interactions in this rapidly growing area. The scientific program of FNS2023 will include 4 days of talks in a single, plenary-session format. The program will include poster sessions, and more than thirty oral presentations.

FNS 2023 will explore nanomechanical vibrations of complex, meta, 2D and low-dimensional materials. Among the session foci are:

  • Classical and quantum nonlinear dynamic phenomena
  • Coupling of nanomechanical systems to atoms, molecules, electrons, phonons, magnons, and photons
  • Dissipation mechanisms and dissipation engineering in NEMS & MEMS
  • Classical and quantum fluctuations far from thermal equilibrium, many-body localization of vibrational excitations, and topological effects
  • Classical and quantum sensing as well as other applications of nanomechanical resonators