How to efficiently characterize quantum hardware

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How to efficiently characterize quantum hardware

5 November, 2020

Register to join us for a webinar on how to use quantum control and measurement to discover the unknown properties of quantum hardware, allowing simple tune up and the identification of sources of noise and error.

We will introduce two complementary techniques essential to the characterization of quantum devices: System Identification and Noise Spectrum Reconstruction. This webinar will provide background material for those new to these tasks and then use examples to highlight our application in: (i) calibrating Hamiltonian terms with unknown magnitudes that govern system dynamics; (ii) quantifying unknown imperfections in classical hardware such as transmission-lines band limits; and (iii) reconstructing the frequency spectrum of decoherence-inducing noise.

The presentation will include new experimental results applying these tools to perform ultra-sensitive noise spectroscopy in a bosonic system, using modes of mechanical motion in a trapped-ion quantum computer at the University of Sydney.  Join us!