IMSG Energy Cloud City™: A Star Trek Inspired Quantum Computing Path to Fusion

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IMSG Energy Cloud City™: A Star Trek Inspired Quantum Computing Path to Fusion

21 October, 2020


With thanks to the American Energy Nuclear Institute, this talk reveals the IMSG Energy Cloud City™ program as a Star Trek Business Model Quantum Computing Path to Fusion.

There are three parts to this talk: A, B, and C.


Three project plan milestones are discussed:

1. The community-driven Microsoft Q# quantum computing project to stabilize fusion (quantum fusion).

2. Quantum fusion and the Markham, Canada $1B nextgen smart city Energy Cloud City™ development site #1.

3. The multi-site Planetary Microgrid™ geo-engineering, climate defence plan, which was created and supported by the energy executive community.


The Star Trek Business Model. This model is discussed as a blueprint for “Quantum Computing Social Impact”.

Features of the blueprint include:
1. The PMI Emerging Technology Group;
2. UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) solution mission;
3. Social ROI vision, track-record and plan;
4. Incivility and Cultural Bullying Management;
5. Ethical AI™ Phase III Energy Cloud City™;
6. Microsoft Azure Quantum Power Platform Smart Lab;
7. Circular economy value chain;
8. Alignment to the
a) Paris Agreement (L’accord de Paris)
b) Prince William’s initiative “A Decade to Repair the Earth”.


Poll for interest on subsequent talks to focus on:

1. The quantum fusion powered “Impulse Drive” Arrow 2.0 engine subsystem design that is registered with the Canadian Defence Department.

2. The supporting Star Trek art program to draw Spock to match Captain Kirk, and underlying St. Jerome’s University of Waterloo, quantum mechanical mathematical scripture thesis origins.

3. The subsequent meeting with Bill Gates that set the project in motion.


Dave D’Silva, BMath, is founder of Intelligent Market Solutions Group (IMSG), “Putting back into society what technology took out”. Dave is the York University Quantum Computing for Social Impact host, and AI Hive Lead Tech and Science Investigator.

IMSG project partners related to this talk include: Environment and Climate Change Canada, Atomic Energy Canada Limited (AECL), the Canadian Defence Department, Lockheed Martin, McKinsey PriceMetrix, and Microsoft.


Toronto — York University’s Dr. Michael Twohey. He is a Schulich Executive Education faculty and Director of the Lassonde School of Engineering’s Professional Education (PE) department. Michael is responsible for building and launching professional Master’s programs in Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics and Innovation Management. He heads up Lassonde’s short-term professional courses and certifications across engineering, science and technology fields.

Before joining Lassonde, Michael played a key role in transforming York University’s international student recruitment market. He created the university’s first graduate and undergraduate pathway and open-enrolment programs (30+ programs in total), which have seen over 10,000 new international students enroll in York programs during a ten-year period.

Before joining York, Michael worked at CIBC Wealth Management and Franklin Templeton Investments in Toronto.

Michael holds a PhD in Political Economy from the University of Cambridge, a B.A. in Political Science and an Honours B.A. in English Literature from York University. He was a Visiting Scholar at Peking University in the early 1990’s and a recipient of Rotary Foundation, Pacific Cultural, Centennial, and China-Canada Exchange scholarships.

Michael’s book Authority and Welfare in China analyzes political influences on China’s unprecedented transformation and economic growth the past three decades. The book is endorsed by Harvard and Cambridge universities.