Nash embedding: the quantum computing toolkit every developer have

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Nash embedding: the quantum computing toolkit every developer have

5 September, 2020

Abstract: First generation quantum processors are commercially available, but they are noisy, and the qubits they process are faulty. To develop robust, noise-free and fault-tolerant quantum hardware and software tools, revisiting robust mathematical methods that model the interface of conventional and quantum devices is crucial. In this talk, I will revisit the other famous theorem of Nobel laureate John Nash, and show how it is the right tool for the job at hand. To make the talk accessible to a wider audience, I will keep the mathematical technicalities to a minimum while preserving the essential idea.

BIO: Dr. Faisal Shah Khan is a mathematician working at as a principal investigator in the Center on Cyber-Physical Systems at Khalifa University, Abu Dhabi. His research interests include the use of mathematical methods to optimize the development of the of next generation of quantum computing processors, interface of conventional and quantum devices in a cyber-physical systems context, and applications of quantum computing to industries like finance and traffic control.

Faisal is affiliated with the Quantum Computing Institute at Oak Ridge National Lab as a guest scientist, and serves as a technology advisor to the Virginia based quantum tech. company Quantum Computing Inc. He is also an associate editor for the Springer Nature journal Quantum Information Processing, and has served on program and technical committees of several international conference.