Quantum Computing Theory in Practice 2023

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Quantum Computing Theory in Practice 2023

17 April - 19 April

QCTiP fosters meaningful collaboration between academic theorists and industry practitioners to define the pathway from the possible to the practical in quantum computing.

Quantum Computing devices have made remarkable progress over the past five years.  Multiple groups have demonstrated noisy intermediate noisy intermediate scale quantum (NISQ) devices and algorithms. We’re now at the beginning of the path toward large error corrected quantum computers. At QCTiP 2023 we will build a deeper understanding of:

  • How today’s devices are enabling exploration into both NISQ and error-corrected quantum computers
  • What are future opportunities and approaches for beyond-NISQ systems
  • And where the frontier in practical quantum computing theory lies

These topics will be covered in six sessions via invited keynotes from some of the world’s top researchers and practitioners. Submitted expert talks and posters will further cover these topics.