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Quantums and Answers

2 September, 2020

Without exception, all of the High-Tech Giants are investing heavily in Quantum Computing. IBM, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Honeywell, Alibaba, Huawei etc etc have committed to this technology.

In May 2020, the CSIRO convened a webcast outlining Australia’s Road Map to Quantum Success. The Australian government predicts that the Quantum Technology Sector will employ 16,000 people and generate $4 billion within a decade or two.

The one recurring idiosyncrasy of this sector is that ‘things happen more quickly than expected!’ I can vividly recall being told in 2010 how Quantum Supremacy (when a QC outperforms a digital supercomputer) wouldn’t happen for 100 years. It happened last October !!

Learn the basics now and you will be well placed to join this highly-paid, highly-challenging, professional industry sector.