SQMS/GGI Summer School on Quantum Simulation of Field Theories

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SQMS/GGI Summer School on Quantum Simulation of Field Theories

25 July, 2022 - 29 July, 2022

The school is addressed to PhD students in quantum information science, particle physics and condensed matter. The students will be introduced to concepts in digital quantum computation and quantum field theory through lectures and hands-on programming exercises. The school will also cover main topics in the simulation of the Hamiltonian evolution of spin systems and lattice gauge theory, error mitigation, numerical methods and correction for these systems. Through seminars, the summer school will cover some recent work in these areas as well as additional theoretical themes of quantum information that are relevant for the work conducted at the Superconducting Quantum Systems and Materials (SQMS) Center and their collaborators. The program will include a mini-workshop of more advanced research presented in an accessible way.

The school is organised in collaboration with the U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Science, National Quantum Information Science Research Centers, Superconducting Quantum Materials and Systems Center (SQMS).


Quantum Computing: current state of the art
Physics of Field Theories and Requirements of Computing Power
Current Techniques and Algorithms in Quantum Computing
Introduction to Quantum Computing Software Libraries
Simulation Methods for Hamiltonian Evolution and excited states dynamics
Simulation Methods using Variational Quantum Algorithms
Numerical Methods for Field Theory Simulation in High Energy Physics
Introduction to Quantum Error Correction
Quantum Cellular Automata and Applications to Quantum Field Theory
Quantum Estimation
HEP applications of Quantum Machine Learning
++ Hands-on labs on Quantum Simulation and Error Mitigation Techniques