Summer School on “Quantum characterization and control of quantum complex systems”

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Summer School on “Quantum characterization and control of quantum complex systems”

19 September, 2022 - 23 September, 2022

The study of quantum networks and, more generally, of complex quantum systems arises from the need to understand the impact of the complexity and of the structure of networks on the performance of quantum communication, quantum computing and quantum metrology protocols. As it happens in the “classical framework”, the study of the laws that regulate the dynamics of quantum networks and the consequent design of control protocols are crucial for both predicting non-trivial behaviors and non-classical enhancements, and to maintain them also in the presence of noise and decoherence.

The proposed school has its scientific genesis in several European projects, whose common denominator is to develop and consolidate new interdisciplinary approaches for the characterization and control of complex quantum systems.

The school aims to connect participants, in particular PhD students and young researchers, with leading experts in these new fields at the frontier of interdisciplinary research. The declared objective is to contribute to training a new generation of researchers ready to successfully respond to the new fundamental and technological challenges connected to the development of quantum technologies, and able to contribute personally to the success of the European Flagship dedicated to these issues.