Topological Materials: From Weak to Strong Correlations

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Topological Materials: From Weak to Strong Correlations

11 April, 2022 - 13 April, 2022

International Focus Workshop

This three-day Focus Workshop will bring together the weakly-correlated and strongly-correlated electron communities interested in topology. It will highlight the extensive recent developments in each of the two areas, and foster interactions between the two communities.

There will be six sessions of invited talks, including two sessions each on weakly-correlated and strongly-correlated topology, one session that intertwines the two areas, and one that will feature late developments. There will also be sessions of poster presentations to engage junior participants. Ample time will be devoted to discussions, both after each talk and in dedicated discussion sessions.

Topics include

Weakly correlated topology

  • Latest developments in topological band theory
  • Topological insulators and semimetals: properties and materials

Strongly correlated topology

  • Strongly correlated topological matter: insulators
  • Strongly correlated topological matter: semimetals

Topology across the correlation spectrum

  • Topological superconductors
  • Late developments