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IAMP – EMS Summer School in Mathematical Physics

Technical University of Munich Boltzmannstr. 3 85748, Garching/Munich Germany Munich

IAMP – EMS Summer School in Mathematical Physics 2021 titled ”Quantum information in many-body physics: a mathematical invitation” to be held in Munich, Germany from September 13-17, 2021. This school […]

QCrypt 2022

Taipei City

QCrypt 2022 is the 12th edition of the yearly international scientific conference presenting last year’s top results in quantum cryptography. QCrypt 2022 will be a hybrid conference to ensure participation […]

Conference on Quantum Information and Quantum Control IX

Fields Institute Toronto

CQIQC-IX will be the ninth in the series of (mostly) biennial conferences jointly organized by the Toronto Centre for Quantum Information & Quantum Control and the Fields Institute, which bring […]

SOLVAY WORKSHOP ON “Quantum Simulation – 2021”

Brussels Flagey Studio 1, Place Sainte-Croix, 1050, Brusels

The Workshop is organized in the context of the 2021 International Jacques Solvay Chair in Physics attributed to Prof. Jean Dalibard. It will put a special emphasis on out-of-equilibrium phenomena […]

NanoQI’22 Summer School

Palacio de Miramar Donostia-San Sebestian

The summer school “Nanotechnology meets Quantum Information” (NanoQI’22) provides an introduction to the basics and recent advances in several main areas of quantum information theory and solid-state-based quantum technologies. Both […]


Machine learning for Quantum Control and Quantum Computing, ML(QC)2


Quantum systems are inherently prone to noise and decoherence causing information loss. Given the enormous effort devoted to quantum technology and quantum computation, quantum control — i.e. how to preserve and manipulate quantum states — is a topic […]