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Quantum Techniques in Machine Learning (QTML) 2022 


The Quantum Techniques in Machine Learning (QTML) 2022 conference will be held in Naples, Italy on November 8-11, 2022. This s an annual international event that focuses on quantum machine learning, an […]

Optica Industry Summit

France iXBlue Headquarters, Saint-Germain en lay

The 2022 Optica Quantum Industry Summit aims to bring together quantum companies and their potential supply chain partners, with a focus on their needs in photonics (lasers, optics, PICs, detectors, […]

Analysis for Innovators (A4I) Briefing – Round 9


The Analysis for Innovators (A4I) Innovate UK grant funding competition has successfully run eight times between 2016 to 2022. This ninth round of the programme builds upon that experience. The A4I […]