European Spring School in Quantum Science and Technology

strasbourg Strasbourg

The school will bring together Master students and PhD researchers from across Europe and across scientific domains to exchange and engage with the topic of quantum science and technologies. Expert lecturers from academia and industry will help make bridges between the fields of quantum science, materials and nanoscience and quantum technologies, covering current research challenges and new […]

Topological Materials: From Weak to Strong Correlations

Dresden Dresden

International Focus Workshop This three-day Focus Workshop will bring together the weakly-correlated and strongly-correlated electron communities interested in topology. It will highlight the extensive recent developments in each of the two areas, and foster interactions between the two communities. There will be six sessions of invited talks, including two sessions each on weakly-correlated and strongly-correlated […]

World Quantum Day


The World Quantum Day is an initiative from quantum scientists from 65+ countries, launched on 14 April 2021 as the countdown towards the first global celebration on 14 April 2022. It is a decentralized and bottom-up initiative, inviting all quantum scientists, engineers, educators, communicators, entrepreneurs, technologists, and their organizations, to organize their own activities, such […]


IBM Quantum is excited to announce the fourth annual quantum awards (and the second annual Open Science Prize)—an award for those who can present an open source solution to some of the most pressing problems in the field of quantum computing. This year, the challenge will feature one problem from the field of quantum simulation, […]

1/f Noise from Condensed Matter Physics to Quantum Technologies

The Course is organized within the EMFCSC International School of Materials for Sustainable Development and Energy directed by Antonio Terrasi. The aim of the School is to give a broad overview of the current understanding of the phenomenon of 1/f noise in condensed matter physics, with emphasis on its role in nanodevices for quantum information […]

Simulating Quantum Many-Body Systems on Noisy Intermediate-Scale Quantum Computers

Noisy Intermediate-Scale Quantum (NISQ) computers promise to perform computations beyond the reach of modern computers with far-reaching implications for scientific research. Due to remarkable technological advances, small scale devices are now becoming available for use. There has recently been a flurry of proof-of-principle experiments and many exciting theoretical proposals about how to use NISQ to […]


LASER World of PHOTONICS 2022: the World of QUANTUM

Messe München München

With the premier of the World of QUANTUM, Messe München will explore the most exciting field of the future in photonics: quantum technology and its potential applications in areas including computing and cryptography, sensing and imaging, communications, and medicine. The exhibition concept of the World of QUANTUM is based on three pillars: Presentation of innovative concepts (exhibition area) […]

Quantum Eastern Europe 2022

Quantum Eastern Europe (QEE) is a 2-day online event that will bring together those stakeholders in Eastern Europe for whom quantum science and technology is relevant. The event will raise awareness and transfer knowledge about quantum science and technology, foster synergies and collaborations between academia, industry, government, and interested individuals, and thereby strengthen the quantum ecosystem in this […]

Workshop on Synchronization and Timing Systems 2022

Denver Denver

Welcome to WSTS 2022 Innovation in synchronization and timing systems makes innovation in a broad range of industries possible. Consider Telecom (e.g., 5G) – Financial Services – Electric Grid/Power -Transportation/Automotive – Industrial Internet-Broadcasting and Multi-Media to name a few. ATIS’ Workshop on Synchronization and Timing Systems brings together the leading corporate and government experts to […]


San Jose McEnery Convention Center San Jose

2,000+ technical sessions organized by 29 topic categories are routinely presented at CLEO — from breakthrough ideas to real-world applications. Contibuted talks are rigorously peer reviewed by the CLEO Committee.

IEEE International Conference on Communications


We are very happy to welcome you all in Seoul, Korea and are confident that the situation is improving regarding the on-going COVID-19 pandemic. From July 1, 2021, people vaccinated abroad will no longer be required to lock themselves up for two full weeks. Nevertheless, in view of the possible travel restrictions, the conference will be in the […]

Commercialising Quantum 2022

London London

From qubits to profits: achieving near-term quantum advantage Quantum is coming sooner than you think. The potential for quantum to transform business is so great, with the technology advancing so rapidly, that every business leader must prepare for its impact. Companies and investors are already hunting for a “quantum advantage”—a way in which even today’s […]