Rome, New York

Three-day event taking place on June 27-29, 2023. Engage intimately with key government, academic, and industry leaders as we shape the future of quantum together. Brought to you by the […]


Chicago Chicago

The 2023 IEEE World Congress on Services will be held in Chicago, Illinois USA. The IEEE International Conference on Quantum Software (QSW) is focusing on quantum software engineering, including hybrid […]

Qiskit Global Summer School

This fourth-annual summer school will focus foundationally on quantum computing by taking a back-to-basics approach, with a look at making the transition from theory to implementation.

Quantum Computing User Forum

Oak Ridge National Laboratory Oak Ridge, Tennessee

The Quantum Computing User Forum brings together users to discuss common practices in the development of applications, software, and simulations for quantum computing devices and systems. Hosted by the Oak […]

Q2B23 Tokyo


Q2B is excited to be back for the second year to connect the international quantum community computing ecosystems! We will be featuring top academics, industry end users, government representatives and […]

Workshop on Quantum Artificial Intelligence

Centro Congressi University of Naples Federico II Via Partenope 36, Naples

The first Workshop on Quantum artificial Intelligence aims to bring together scientists from the areas of quantum computer science and artificial intelligence to lay the groundwork for defining theories, methodologies […]

Quantum Simulation Conferences (QSim 2023)

Colorado Colorado

A Quantum Simulation Conferences (QSim 2023) will be held on August 7-11, 2023 at the Telluride Conference Center in Mountain Village, Colorado. QSim is an international annual conference on quantum […]

Q-MATH Masterclass. Quantum Learning Theory

University of Copenhagen Nørregade 10, 1165 København,, Copenhagen

This master class will be of interest for all students and early career researchers interested in properties, applications and future research directions involving quantum learning theory.

SQA Conference

Science Congress Center Munich Walther-von-Dyck Str. 10, 85748 Garching, Munich

Superconducting Qubits and Algorithms (SQA) is a not-for-profit scientific conference with a focus on science, technology, and algorithms relevant for superconducting quantum computers.