Quantum Computing Methods for High Energy Physics

Munich Institute for Astro-, Particle and BioPhysics an institute of the Excellence Cluster ORIGINS Munich

This four-week programme brings together world-leading experts working at the intersection of quantum-information sciences (QIS) and high-energy physics (HEP), with a focus on quantum simulation, quantum machine learning, and tensor […]

Quantum.Tech Boston

Boston Marriott Copley Place 110 Huntington Ave, Boston

Driving Quantum Adoption Across Global Enterprise Your opportunity to meet the global quantum community together under one roof in the US. Quantum.Tech US is the world’s largest in-person quantum technology […]

Commercialising Quantum Global 2023


From qubits to profits: achieving near-term quantum advantage Benefit from one of the decade’s most disruptive technologies “40% of large companies are planning to create initiatives around quantum computing by […]

Optica Quantum 2.0 Conference

Denver Denver

On the edge of a technology revolution, Quantum 2.0 refers to the development and use of quantum superposition and entanglement in large engineered systems. Examples of such large quantum systems […]